I’ve dated Christian Grey…

… and I loved it, he made me feel like nobody else has ever made me feel. I don’t think anybody will make me feel that way again, he was too… special.

I’ve dated Christian Grey…

… and I absolutely hated it, he made me feel worthless and weak. I felt like such a weak person… All my will has crumbled under the weight of his powerful ego. He crushed me, molded me into something I didn’t want to become. He’s the reason my panic attacks got worse. He took so much of┬áme that I just wasn’t a whole person anymore. I was this feeble creature that tried to comprehend what just happened.

I loved him and he loved me back, it just didn’t work out. These things hardly ever work out. I was trying to change him, but that was like trying to move an immutable object. He was trying to change me and he actually succeeded, he was that persuasive.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t try to shelter people from this experience. We should educate them so they don’t make the mistake of letting their Christian inside.

I actually loved the movie, it brought back deliciously painful memories, it almost felt like… a guilty dream. My stalker Christian is out of my life, but sometimes we both wish we could just do it one more time. Before the worst, we had the most amazing experience.

Lonely float got in the way
You are the feel, and knew it anyway
Take a chance, it wasn’t what you know
Take my hand, and don’t let go