As I’m mindlessly practicing the five basic positions of ballet with my daughter I just keep asking myself these questions: Who’s Irina? Do you remember Irina? And why are we always practicing to Ellie Goulding songs?

Why is that name so familiar? The last time I saw V. we had a huge fight, but this fight was significantly different. It sort of caught me by surprise. He’s telling me about Irina and The Master’s Den and I’m completely clueless. What happened? And how is that he saw me at this place, I distinctly remember him not liking it. Why was he there?

I don’t care about the fight, it’s not enough to make me even want to try to care. What was that song we were dancing to? Turns out, I was dancing with Irina, but I don’t know her by that name, I only know her stage name and her boss. I was there for her boss, not for her and that is something V. did not need to know. Even though we’re done, it bothers me to see him consumed by our past relationship.

Irina’s boss though… wow.



“… yes?”

“Tendu to the side!”