Love is easy, but only at first. When it gets hard, and trust me – it gets excruciatingly hard, that’s when your eyes start focusing on those minorinsignificant details and you suddenly feel the urge to run baby, run. When it gets hard, you feel like you stopped loving, like there’s nothing that will ever make you come back to  this, but… when you get sufficient distance from it all, you realize something really important – what you’re feeling is just another nuance of love, the feeling of being tied to another human being and every time you want to run the knot around your heart just tightens, you immediately feel it pulling you back in. This is love in its pure form, the madness that drives it, the need behind it is not at all without reason.

Love with you is no different and I recognize the desire to be in that fugue state, only with you it’s even more intense. It’s madness so intense I sometimes even think it’s true love. Can you believe such a thing? And that’s exactly the problem… waking up from true love to reality is so painful that it makes you question everything. Is it worth it? Such an unfair question, I know, you gave everything you have and you’d find something else to give just to pull me back. That’s not necessary.

Look, can you see behind these eyes?
Can you see what isn’t there?
The truth dressed up in lies.