Stay still

Everybody is hovering over me at home and I can’t stop thinking about you, I’ve missed you so much these past days, but still… I won’t pick up the phone. I’ve sent him a message, just so he knows where I am and that I’m safe and thinking things over. I’ve also been spending more time with my daughter, a bit of a selfish act from my part because I took her out of school so I can bring her to Romania with me, a country that’s become foreign to her. Children adapt so damn quickly, I never noticed that before.

She dances more and more beautifully, she can control her movements better and that just leaves me amazed. She’s amazing and I don’t know how I created such a beautiful and perfect being when I’m far from any of those.


I needed a bit of time off so I can gather my thought but that’s not gonna happen, apparently.

Damn it.