About me

Well, I’ve been waiting for so long to be in the mood to actually write a decent About me it’s unbelievable, you’d think I’d bother or I’d work harder. Anyway, hi I’m Adler, the epitome of damaged goods and I’d love a crazy pants lover. Isn’t this a dating site?

What other qualities do I have? I ghost people while writing depressing ass journal entries about them. While I’m writing this all I can think about is the fact that I have so many regrets and unfinished business on this shithole we call Earth, that if I don’t come back to haunt my exs it’ll be a miracle.

I won’t tell you how old I am because although wine ages well, the rest of us don’t. Also, you can find that out by just reading through all my depressing ass journal entries. Ass, the keyword is ass.

I mean, honestly? This thing I’m doing on the Internet is probably not for you. I’m just too lazy to move this to my Evernote, you know what I mean? This is just a boring ASS journal that doesn’t make any sense to anybody but me. Nobody who follows me actually reads my shit, so if you’ve got this far? Hi, I’m Adler and I’m lonely. Do you have a psychopath of a best friend who’d date me? Would you date me? If the answer is no – shame, I’m funny when I’m drunk.

I’d like to think that I’m this mysterious guy who just happens to like kinky, BDSM shit, but I’m not about that life anymore. What do you mean? – you might ask, well, there’s nothing mysterious about me. I’m not a vampire, I’m not a part-time zombie hunter and I’m sure as hell not that hot to pull off any of the previously mentioned things. Also, my shit don’t sparkle.

See you later.