You’re in my veins

How is it that we spent so much time apart that we became complete strangers?

I don’t know you anymore, yet I still feel you in me – even when you’re not running through my mind. I catch glimpses of you when I look in the mirror and I see myself acting a certain way I’d think you’d like. It’s like you never left me. Is it like that for you too?

Wait, I don’t want to know the answer. Nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it, so I’ll imagine you thinking about me, feeling me running through your veins, smelling me on your clothes.

When I first heard the song again my heart broke all over again. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Tonight I feel you all over. IĀ lovedĀ you. I love you. I will always love you.

Oh, you’re in my veins
And I cannot get you out
Oh, you’re all I taste
At night inside of my mouth
Oh, you run away
‘Cause I am not what you found
Oh, you’re in my veins
And I cannot get you out