The sex with co-worker dilemma

If I only had time for one piece of advice for you, I’d ask: Are you currently lusting after a co-worker?

If the answer is no, it better be because you’re not employed – otherwise, what are you doing with your life? A co-worker that intellectually stimulates you will also become incredibly appealing, for even just one second (a day).

If the answer is yes (like it should be), then boy you’re in trouble. To the answer: should I sleep with my co-worker? One should always answer: no.

Rule number one is do not sleep with your co-worker. But what if you must?

You mustn’t. If sexual tension is clear between the both of you, then avoid, if possible, all contact. Minimal contact and professional behavior from you, making it clear that you don’t want to engage in such behavior, is going to be crucial.

Now, there may be a time when you’re especially vulnerable and you may end up in his warm embrace. You’ll probably justify your lack of better judgment as “love at first sight” and know that you’re full of shit. You want his sweet cock in your mouth. It’s lust, don’t hide between feeble explanations, nobody is buying it. You can also know with certainty that you done fucked up.

However, if you do end up fucking (or getting fucked by) your co-worker, make sure you cum first.

That’s my take on this dilemma.

I’m currently faced with it and doing great on the not fucking him part, but it’s difficult. My brain is trying to trick me. Will come back with a conclusion on this story.